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UFB offers exciting prospects to potential Retail Service Providers (RSPs) who play a crucial role to deliver UFB services to businesses, schools, health premises and residential households. Local Fibre Companies (LFCs) contract with Retail Service Providers (RSPs) such as Telecom, CallPlus, Orcon and so forth in the provision of wholesale services. The LFC will operate only at the wholesale level – it does not sell services directly to end users. In turn, RSPs use the LFCs’ wholesale products to create retail UFB-based services which are sold to residents, businesses, schools and health premises.

Information for Retail Service Providers (RSPs) seeking a wholesale service: 

During 2011 Chorus and the Local Fibre Companies (in conjunction with CFH)  engaged with potential RSPs in an industry consultation process with the Telecommunications Carriers’ Forum (TCF) to develop UFB commercial terms. In August, Chorus released its “Reference Offer” comprising General Terms (Wholesale Services Agreement), Service Descriptions, Service Level Terms, Operations Manuals, End User Terms and Price Lists. In November, Northpower Fibre released its Reference Offer.  Ultrafast Fibre Limited and Enable Networks released their Reference Offers in February 2012. These materials are available below. It is likely that Reference Offers will continue to develop over time.