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Getting UFB in your apartment, office-block or down a shared driveway.

People with shared driveways, who live or rent apartments or are the owners or tenants of offices in multi-storey buildings will need to get consents for UFB to be installed. Where a driveway’s shared, all owners of the driveway will need to give their approval to having fibre laid. This is often the case with cross-leased properties. If you own an apartment or premises in an office block, the building owner has to agree to the fibre installation. Where a body corporate administers a building, it can grant permission on behalf of individual owners. If you’re renting your home or business premises, you will need your landlord’s permission as well. Find out who’s responsible for the property and seek their consent before you want to take up a service.

Consent is required for Chorus and the Local Fibre Companies to:

  • access the property so they can assess what work needs to be done;
  • manage their network infrastructure; and
  • secure access to it for the purposes of maintenance, replacement or upgrade.

Work will only start once all the necessary consents, including yours and other joint owners have been received. You can assist Chorus or the LFC in your area to get consents by emailing them the following completed forms:


Chorus has prepared consent letters for those in areas able to receive UFB and “prospective” consent letters where people anticipate getting a connection, but the infrastructure is not yet available. It has also prepared a form for people on a cross-leased property or down a shared driveway or right of way.

Ultrafast Fibre

Right Of Way consent form

Multi-Dwelling Unit  consent form


You can contact Enable to request a copy of their consent form.

Northpower Fibre

You can contact Northpower Fibre to inquire about the consents process.