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The Commerce Commission monitors and enforces the deeds of undertakings made by the government’s Ultra-Fast Broadband partners, as well as other aspects of the Telecommunications Act 2001.

Crown Fibre Holdings monitors compliance with the terms of the Ultra-Fast Broadband Initiative while the network is being built. This includes oversight of price caps, products, network construction and operation (especially quality assurance testing), as well as the Government’s investment in shares, financial instruments and governance. The agreements with CFH’s partners are set out here.

The Telecommunications Carriers’ Forum (TCF)  maintains industry standards about the delivery of ultra-fast broadband services. It has completed three standards to cover the minimum requirements that local fibre companies should meet when delivering ultra-fast broadband services. The standards are intended to dovetail into the build plans of Crown Fibre Holdings. The three completed standards cover co-location service, ethernet access service, and a business interaction framework for operations support systems and business support systems.

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