Corporate Values 2017-06-03T16:16:05+00:00

Crown Fibre Holdings’ people share the following guiding values:

  • We act with utmost integrity and are trusted by New Zealanders to manage the Ultra-Fast Broadband rollout with the highest standards of ethics;
  • We take a leadership position in New Zealand in driving rollout and uptake of Ultra-Fast Broadband;
  • We engage with our various stakeholders, including the general public, the information, communications and technology (ICT) industry; the business community, and local and central Government. We respect their contribution to the success of Ultra-Fast Broadband;
  • We are transparent to our stakeholders, taking a communicative and open approach while respecting commercial confidentiality and our legal obligations;
  • We are collaborative, seeking engagement and partnerships with stakeholders who can assist successful rollout of Ultra-Fast Broadband;

We are a small organisation, highly focused on a successful rollout.