When and where is fibre being rolled out?

The Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) programme is one of the biggest infrastructure projects ever undertaken in New Zealand, and the expansion to over 412 towns is a significant nationwide undertaking, connecting more than 1.8 million homes, and businesses, schools, and health centres from Kaitaia to Bluff.

The entire UFB programme will be complete by the end of 2022.

Under the UFB programme, many smaller New Zealand towns will receive world-class connectivity, with up to 1 gigabit broadband speeds, on par with the major cities in New Zealand and ahead of most cities globally.

Coverage information for the UFB programme is available on the National Broadband Map.

An address checker is available on the National Broadband Map where you can type in your address to see if and when you will receive fibre coverage. This will show both planned and actual coverage and give an indication of the timing for planned coverage. The company providing service in your area is listed on the Availability Report when you search your address.

UFB Schedule

To find out when fibre is scheduled to arrive in your town, download the UFB deployment schedule here:

What if I can’t get fibre?

Fibre is a service best suited to higher density areas, and is less cost-effective when there are long leads between properties, or long driveways. Fibre areas were determined by commercial negotiations, and population size and density were key considerations in determining the towns and areas that were included in the UFB programme.

The UFB programme was allocated a set amount of funding and CIP sought to gain the maximum coverage with this. However, it is not enough to cover every household and business that currently cannot access fibre.

However, CIP has contracted to provide enhanced broadband coverage under the Rural Broadband Initiative to approximately 84,000 households and businesses not served by fibre.

For more information on rural coverage please click here