World-beating ultra-fast broadband for Christchurch

Date :24 May 2011 | Source :Office of the Minister for Communications and Information Technology


World-beating ultra fast broadband for Christchurch


The government will partner with the Christchurch City Council’s company Enable Networks to bring ultra fast broadband to every home and business in the city.

The rollout will start immediately with schools, hospitals and businesses covered by 2015, and links to all homes completed before 2019.

The government’s agreement with Enable Networks covers the Christchurch and Rangiora regions.

“This is a hugely ambitious programme that will see New Zealand leapfrog its competitors and become one of the most connected countries in the world,” says Minister for Communications and Information Technology Steven Joyce.

“The government’s investment of $1.5 billion will be matched by its commercial partners, bringing Kiwis the best network for the least cost.”

Mr Joyce said that by partnering with Enable Networks, a Council owned company, the government is in an excellent position to ensure that the rollout of broadband happens alongside the rebuilding of other infrastructure.

“The government, the Council, and Enable Networks will work together to make sure that we deliver as much as we can, as quickly as we can to the people and businesses of Christchurch.

“These broadband speeds will revolutionise the way Kiwi firms do business, the way our kids learn and the way our health services deliver to us as patients.

“Christchurch businesses know just how important it is to have information stored off site to be up and running quickly after a disaster.

“Ultra fast broadband will make businesses more resilient by allowing them to store vital data off site.”

Mr Joyce said ultra fast broadband will connect businesses with international markets, making it easier for small firms to earn export dollars.

“The access prices CFH have negotiated will ensure the benefits of fibre are within easy reach of businesses as well as everyday New Zealanders.

Wholesale household prices will start at $40 or less per month for an entry level product and $60 per month for the 100 Megabit product. There are no connection charges for households.

Mr Joyce says today is a very exciting day for Christchurch and New Zealand.

“The future of broadband is in fibre, and taking it right to the home will bring significant gains for productivity, innovation and global reach.”