~84,104 rural homes and businesses
can access improved broadband

Rural Broadband Programme

Providing fast broadband to the greatest number of under-served rural homes and businesses.

The Rural Broadband Programme seeks to provide fast broadband to the greatest number of under-served rural homes and businesses within the funding available, and contribute towards achieving similar rates of access to fast broadband by rural homes and businesses across all regions of New Zealand

CIP has contracted to provide enhanced broadband for approximately 84,000 of these 90,000 households and businesses (including some commercial coverage from mobile operators). Deployment commenced in 2018 and will be substantially complete by November 2024.

CIP is partnering with the Rural Connectivity Group (RCG) (a joint venture between Spark, Vodafone and 2 degrees) to provide Rural Broadband Programme coverage.

Alongside this, CIP is partnering with fifteen regional Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs):

Rural Connectivty Progress

84,104 rural households and businesses

143 tourism areas

1,471km of State Highways

For more information on recently completed towers click on the below pdfs

Regions with Rural Broadband Coverage

Rural and remote areas are generally more expensive for telecommunication network providers to serve than cities and suburban areas due to difficult terrain, geographical isolation and low population densities.

In order to address this problem, the Government has allocated $270 million to be invested in improving broadband and mobile coverage in rural and remote areas.

The deployment schedule and coverage information for the Rural Broadband Programme is now available on the National Broadband Map www.broadbandmap.nz

An address checker is available on the map where you can type in your address to see if and when you will receive Rural broadband coverage. This will show both planned and actual coverage and give an indication of the timing for planned coverage.

The company providing service in your area is listed on the Availability Report when you search your address.

Type in your address below to see if you can get Rural Broadband coverage:

Please note that Scheduling is indicative and may change without notice. Actual coverage will depend on site availability, consenting and other matters.

Building the Rural Broadband network

CIP has partnered with 16 companies to deploy Rural Broadband across New Zealand.

CIP has contracted with the Rural Connectivity Group to bring 4G mobile and wireless broadband coverage to rural New Zealand under the Rural Broadband Initiative Phase Two and the Mobile Black Spot Fund

Regional Wireless Internet Service Providers



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