UFB installation made easier for apartments

Hon Amy Adams

Minister for Communications and Information Technology

Ministers Badge
3 May, 2013

Media Statement

Arranging fibre installation for Ultra-Fast Broadband in apartments and office buildings will be more straightforward in future, thanks to a new code of practice.

Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams has today released a Code of Access to Multi-Unit Complexes. The Code sets out basic processes for property owners and fibre deployment companies to follow when installing and servicing fibre networks in buildings with multiple owners.

The Code covers issues such as gaining consent for the installation, apportioning costs and on-going access for maintenance and upgrades.

The Code is part of a wider access regime for multi-unit complexes set out in the Telecommunications Act 2001. The Code was developed by the Government in consultation with the telecommunications industry and other stakeholders.

β€œThe UFB programme continues to make good progress throughout the country and the release of the Code is just another example of the Government making it easier for people to access world-class technology,” Ms Adams says.

The UFB initiative involves Government investment of $1.35 billion – alongside private sector funding – to roll out fibre to schools, hospitals, and 90 per cent of businesses by 2016, and links to homes and remaining businesses completed by 2019.

Notice of the Order in Council approving the Code was published in the New Zealand Gazette on April 26. The Code comes into effect on May 30 2013.

To view the code, go to: http://www.med.govt.nz/sectors-industries/technology-communication/communications/broadband-policy/telecommunications-infrastructure-deployment

Media contact: Nathan Beaumont 021 243 8412